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All specimens need to be properly labeled and have a complete and accurate requisition.
The following information is requested on the Requisition Form: (Please be aware there are separate requisitions for surgical pathology blue and cytology pink).

  • Patient Name
  • MR#
  • DOB
  • LMP (if applicable)
  • Source of specimen
  • Physician
  • Date specimen collected
  • Pertinent history
  • Type of examination or special test requested, if other than routine.

    If any information is missing, Pathology Department personnel will call to obtain the information, i.e., call the floor, physician’s office, or clinic.

    All specimens need to be sealed tightly to prevent leakage of the fixative and specimen. Label the specimen container and place in the clear biohazard bags supplied by PDPA. These bags have two compartments--place the requisition in the separate compartment of the bags. This will keep paperwork dry in the event there is a leak. Place completed specimens in the designated area of your office to await pick-up by PDPA.

    Specimens will be picked up daily via PDPA couriers. Any fresh specimens need to be reported to PDPA immediately. 843-664-4314 or 1-800-230-6433